“[My editor at EpubMasters] showed great attention to detail when reading through my Twisted Tales series. Not only did she proofread my books, but she also caught some potentially embarrassing mistakes before my books went out to print. She let me keep my ‘writing voice’ while ironing out passages that were confusing. I’d definitely work with [EpubMasters] again. Her prices are great and her work is quality. She’s an Indie writer’s dream.”

—Stephanie Fowers, author of the Twisted Tales Trilogy
“My experience with EpubMasters was a very rewarding one. Rachel was wonderful to work with as she went far beyond what you would expect in providing meaningful guidance with the interior design and the cover design of my first self published book. Her vast experience of publishing and writing books gave her great insights to the whole book publishing process. I highly recommend her as a competent personable person to work with.”

—Douglas W. Banks Fairfax, VA
“My editor at EpubMasters was the last reader through my novel, The Change (Unbounded #1), and she found multiple errors even after six other editors had been through the book. She also found various fixes in the sequel, The Cure (Unbounded #2) I will definitely ask her to be one of my proofers for future novels.”

—Teyla Branton, author of the Unbounded series
“EpubMasters designed my cover, helped me with editing and typesetting, and made the ebook version of my novel. They did a great job and were very easy to work with. I couldn’t have done it without them. Because of their professionalism, I look forward to working with them again.”

—Kenneth R. Tarr, author of The Last Days series
“[My editor at EpubMasters] definitely has a writer’s eye. It must be in her blood. 🙂 Remarkably, she has a keen editor’s eye as well. Nothing escapes her! I have been very impressed by her attention to detail. Even after numerous previous edits, [my editor] found several items in each of my books. And not just typos or grammatical errors. More than a couple of plot and character issues were kindly pointed out as well. I wouldn’t dream of publishing another book without her ‘last eyes on’ before going to press. I highly recommend [this editor] and her superb editing skills. She is amazing!”

—BJ Rowley, author of the Light Traveler Adventure series and other novels